Keepers of the Native Hearth (N. Hancock, KNH 1995)
Keepers of the Native Hearth (N. Hancock, KNH 1995)


Welcome to the site dedicated to the Itelmen language, the indigenous language of the Itelmens (Kamchadals) of the Kamchatka peninsula. Itelmen is a language of consonants - but despite its complex clusters including ejectives and glottals, it has a melodic sound. The language's grammar centers around the rich verbal inflection.

On this site (still in progress), you will find: the most comprehensive dictionary of Itelmen yet compiled, language-learning materials, audio and video recordings of native speakers, and interesting articles and publications about Itelmen life and the Itelmen language.

There are very few people who speak Itelmen, and we hope, that this site will encourage study of this unique language.